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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson
The old man was setting up his cart of Litti-chokha* for the evening crowd.  He filled the large metal-basin with dung-cakes and lighted it with a match stick. The ensuing smoke precipitated an attack of cough that soon left him gasping for breath.
This episode of cough was especially distressing. Unable to breathe because of the smoke that was further exacerbated with the poor air quality and the heavy rush of automobiles – he prayed to Baba-Vishwanath the Lord of Kashi (Varanasi).
The old man found himself at Asian Food-festival, Montreal. The sun was rising and he could breathe normally.
Words ~ 99
PS – Thank you IK. Your post ‘MONTREAL – WHO KNEW?’ inspired this.
*Wheat flour dumplings stuffed with Bengal-gram flour and consumed with spicy mix of mashed brinjals and potatoes. It is very popular in the northern states of India. The locals and tourists both like it as it is nutritious, tasty and quite cheap. Its USP is – it is baked on dung cakes and the pungency of mustard oil along with the flavor of melted butter.

Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.