An imagination coming from a pure and intense desire of the heart acts instinctively and without any conscious effort. The power of a strong imagination directed upon another can kill or cure him according to the nature of the desire that impels the force ~ Paracelsus.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot
The trio of mages watched the admiring crowd applaud at the art-show.
Shall we give them a real reason to applaud?
Others signaled a yes.
The youngest concentrated on the fabric for a few seconds and the whole thing came crashing down. It was total chaos …… the visitors ran helter-skelter.
The remaining two concentrated on the chaos for a few seconds and like the Indian rope trick the nets rose up and organized themselves as they were.
Incomprehension and then lust filled the eyes of the visitors as they watched their most lascivious dreams come true within the nets.
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Cassandra’s descendant

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Peter came from a family of diviners. He saw her for the first time at a formal dinner and recognized her as the one whose portrait rested along the so-called Lycurgus Cup in his attic. He knew that she was the spirit that would lead him to his true destiny.

Peter courted her; and they were soon married.  Within a short time he was advising world leaders.

Unfortunately his in-laws were unhappy as they felt that their daughter had lost her spirit post-marriage. However, her portrait glowed with life and the cup glittered with her incandescence in the attic.

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The exercise of true magic does not require any ceremonies or conjurations, or the making of circles or signs; it requires neither benedictions nor maledictions in words, neither verbal blessings nor curses; it only requires a strong faith in the omnipotent power of all good, that can accomplish everything if it acts through a human mind being in harmony with it, and without which nothing useful can be accomplished. ~ Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim aka Paracelsus


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Naturally magical

Ted, Julian, Fred, Taru  and Fiona  collected at Mr Jhingaroo’s new residence in Kyoto for a tete-a-tete with their old mentor on magic. They wanted to know more of time.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Women are naturally aware of time through their physical bodies. It is called as metaformic consciousness. This power makes them superior to men. That is why they are better at real magic. Mr J explained to Ted, who had recently been humiliated by Fiona at a magical contest.

Taru and Fiona smiled.

So what did men do? Ted asked.

The men turned to sun and the world beyond to find their magic. They started with sun-worship and endeavored to measure it objectively.

Did it help? Fiona inquired.

Not really, for women are naturally magical. Unfortunately this difference is politically exploited.

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 Prompt ~  “the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl.

A jungle is best place to hide a tree.

Following the same logic written text would be the best place to hide other words. Exodus, chapter 14, verse 19, 20, and 21 each contain precisely 72 Hebrew letters each. Written in perfect order on top of one another and read vertically in columns – 72 secret names of GOD are revealed.

The lecturer clicked on the slide show.

Bach wove into his music a pattern of extremely subtle chorales that are associated with ecclesiastical calendar – Christmas, Easter and Pentecost; and other hidden messages.

That my friends is magic. He concluded.

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Copyright - Sean Fallon

Copyright – Sean Fallon

I am a poor cousin of idols, statues, etc. I am not worshiped as God. I am also not a work of art. I am not honored and nobody comes to just watch me.

My existence is a tribute to the human body. I just display the adornments of human form. These could be for public, private or personal display. I am the ultimate narcissism of humans.

However, I too have the magic. The lingerie seller may not know but his troubles are directly related to my ill will. He should have properly stored or disposed of my remains.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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