Mr J’s return.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Mr Jhingaroo – the mystic magician and friend of all children, had decided to free the earth from bad and exploitative magic.

He reached Akkem and saw the cluster of black domes. The children were glum and morose. Their childhood was a paradox.

Mr J pondered over the problem and finally his cerebral-cortex fired.

He focused on one of the temple-domes amd made it colorful. Then he requested Cupid to inhabit it.

The God-of-Love shot all those who looked at the new vibrant dome and the gloom in their hearts disappeared with the evil-magic.

Systematically he banished evil from Akkem.

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The Sunday Yarn ~ The magical treasure.

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View of one of the outbuildings from the roof of Dover Castle


I shall be one of the many who convey those tiny whispers in the remote corners of human heart – the ones that are often ignored ………..

Mr. Jhingaroo had been cataloguing the ten most magical spot in the world; and he had been traveling around the globe in his quest. Sitting on one of the benches ………. he contemplated on all he had found here at Dover Castle.
A history of Dover Castle in Kent could be a history of England. From ….. its roots in iron age to present times; its many ghost; and the many legends that he knew without being told.
He had visited the museum and seen of coins unearthed in 1955. Instinctively he knew that many of them were magical. A number of jinns were trapped in them – just waiting to be let out.
He closed his eyes and pictured the British PM in his mind and whispered ……….. ‘Please save it from the terrorists so that they do not become invincible’.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

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Picture Lyssa Medana

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. ~ Herodotus (484 BC – 430 BC)


Mr J was having a nap in one of the terraces and the five friends sat glumly as they tried to make sense of the many events they had witnessed at the castle.

‘I am not sure what Mr J has in store for us’, wondered Fiona.

‘More of esoteric magic and more lectures, I am sure’, Ted smiled. He was the only one who did not feel completely lost.

Confusion and indecision was writ large on the faces of Julian, Fred and Taru. They were contemplating of returning back to their distressing lives – it had been a mistake to ask Mr J for help. Yet their fondness for the bottle had destroyed all – they had no life to go back to.

Mr J walked in wearing a riding gear.

‘Is there a new lesson due, Mr J?’ queried Ted.

‘No more lessons. It is time for some hands-on training’, Mr J replied.

The five kept silent in their apprehension ……….

‘It is time to move on friends. I have been assigned courier duties, and you all too will have to leave this castle as it may no longer be safe for you all’. Mr J informed them.

Taru was most perturbed. She could not help but ask, ‘what does it mean for us?’

‘Have faith in yourself – all will be good’, Mr J assured. ‘You all shall have a flower from the crystal chest to help you. Just remember that means do not justify the end’.

Soon they were traveling down the hill headed for the nearest rail head. They were to disperse as they wanted from the rail head. Mr J had not revealed his destination. Ted and Fiona had decided to go east. Julian, Fred and Taru had decided to backpack to north, south and near east.

Fiona looked back and saw a wall of mist and pointed it out to others.

The friends were still wondering as Mr J spoke, ‘the castle has gone to other realms’.

‘What other realms’, asked Taru.

‘I do not know – other universes or other dimensions’, Mr J conjectured.

‘And what are these courier duties – you have been assigned to’, a chagrined Taru asked.

‘I shall be one of the many who convey those tiny whispers in the remote corners of human heart – the ones that are often ignored’.

They parted with a simple ‘all the best’.

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The secret of the sarcophagus!

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Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second ~ Mattie Stepanek


What is the secret of the crystal chest? How could last remains of the people long gone be preserved as flowers? How could the flowers remain so fresh in a closed box? The questions tormented the friends.

Finally one day they forced Mr J to reveal all.

Mr J asked took them to a conference room and started lecturing them……

All magic is basically a process of transformation. The more mundane ones use tricks to convince the mind of the spectators that true transformation has been achieved. The singularly miraculous transformation in all of nature is the humble caterpillar metamorphosing to an airy, flower-flitting, nectar-drinking, heavenly being – butterfly. In ancient Greece the same word—psyche—was used to signify “butterfly” and “soul.”

Christian mystics, Sufi saints, Hindu rishis, Geeks, Egyptians, Alchemists and many more have tried to achieve a state where they could transform material and non-material entities of this cosmos at will. While many failed a few succeeded. These people lived in different times, at different places, followed different Gods and practiced different occupations. One can read about them in different books but often their true achievements are not highlighted.

Back to the current issue – a flower was placed in this chest by the wise man when these transformers moved on to other realms. All the hues of the rainbow are here but I love the sunset-yellow ones best.

Now I shall tell you about two such people.

“A man who knows everything and who never dies,” said Voltaire of the Comte de Saint-Germain. He might have added that he was a man whose origin was unknown and who disappeared without leaving a trace. It is believed that he was born in 1712 and died in 1784; yet he was believed to be alive between 1880 and 1900. It is also conjectured that he had known Jesus and been present at the Council of Nicea. Also nobody had actually seen him eat or drink. He always worked for peace and well being of humans though many were misled by his flamboyant life style.

He was a master transformer.

Kabir Das, a mystical poet, extensively quoted in every day conversation – even today in north India, was born in the year 1440 and died in the year 1518. His simple life-style was in complete opposition to St –Germain’s more flamboyant way of life. After the death of Kabir, Hindus and Muslims fought for his body. However, when they removed the shroud – they found only a mound of flowers. They shared the flowers with each other and conducted the funeral according to their own traditions and customs.

Today his Muslim and Hindu tomb stand side by side at Maghar in UP, India.

A couple of those flowers were placed in this chest. Surprisingly, when the chest was opened next all the dried up and decayed flowers were found to have rejuvenated. Since then many flowers have been placed in the chest – the flowers have never wilted since then.

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The crystal sarcophagus!

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Age is a high price to pay for maturity ~Tom Stoppard


One morning Ted, Fiona and the three newcomers came down to find Mr J absent from the breakfast table. They found a note informing that Mr J had gone out and they could explore the castle on their own.

They soon started on the expedition. The castle was a maze of rooms within rooms and corridors that were too dark to explore. Daedalus built the labyrinth as a prison to hold the Minotaur. It was a structure designed to confuse. Designed  to disorient the visitors and imprison them in their  sense of bewilderment, a labyrinth should not have a window or multiple doorways as this provides an opportunity to get a sense of where one is. Yet, it is for each one of us to test our  in-built GPS system.

The maze at the castle could not be classified as labyrinth because it had many windows and doorways; each window opened to different views of silver-spring that Ted had seen on his first visit and each door opened to a larger room. Each room was furnished differently but when they retraced their steps the room was larger than the one they remembered.

All of them were flustered. They were on the verge of fighting each other with their suggestions.

Ted intervened, ‘concentrate on the ceiling friends and forget all else’.

As other friends had no better idea they did as Ted had suggested. Soon a pattern emerged. Moving centrifugally the domed ceilings were larger. Using the clue the friends decided to explore the centre of the castle.

The sun was near the horizon when they reached the centre of the castle. The Central Hall was simply huge. There is no central column or pillar. In the back, the tent-like canopied space housed a medium sized chest. It was made of pure crystal. It appeared to contain stars, roses, gems, etc – depending on the angle at which it was viewed.

The friends were still wondering as to its real nature when Mr J walked in from one of the many doors.

‘Please tell us about this’, the friends chorused.

‘Come and see for yourself’.

Mr J walked to the crystal chest and lifted the lid. The friends peered in and saw that it was full of many hued flowers.

Wonderstruck Fiona asked, ’what is it’?

‘It is a sarcophagus and contains the last remains of the many green ones who have come before us’.

‘Who were these green ones, Mr J’, queried Julian.

‘They were our leaders who did not tire of the steep narrow path and did not pay the price of maturity in years lived.

‘We want ……… ‘

‘Hold your questions – for I need to eat or I shall faint from hunger’, Mr J said and disappeared through one of the doors.

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The Reality!

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If you wish me to weep, you must mourn first yourself ~Horace (65 BC – 8 BC)

A few classmates from the school had suddenly materialized at the castle. These were Fat Fred, lucky Julian and the stiff-necked Taru.

When Ted enquired about them Mr J said they needed a change and therefore he had called them. Fiona wanted to know more as she was not sure that she knew all three of them. She met them at the breakfast table. The breakfast turned out to be a pancakes and maple syrup and freshly baked cookies but even after three months, Ted and Fiona did not know any of the staff and were not even sure if they were there. Ted decided to clear the issue and asked Mr J about it.

Mr J opened a cupboard filled with different items. He picked up 4 blue balls and started juggling them. This was amazing as Mr J never did stage tricks. Ted and Fiona watched silently but Fat Fred teased – ‘Interesting but not very original, Mr J’.

Mr J ignored him too and concentrated on the balls; and one by one replaced the blue with red balls from the cupboard. He kept juggling them at a furious pace and frequently changed the red with blue and blue with red.

All of them watched but after quarter of an hour Fiona started fidgeting. Mr J signaled them to remain seated and told Ted to switch on the large TV in the corner. The screen lighted up. It was some Korean channel and a magician was juggling some balls on a stage. A caption in one corner said LIVE.

Surprisingly the magician was juggling similar type of balls and as Mr J switched from red to blue the magician on the screen would switch from blue to red. The show on the screen and the one on the floor was a sublime coordination of blue and red jugglery. It was especially unnerving that both the jugglers were thousands of miles apart. Taru’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Finally the juggler on the TV stopped.

Mr J placed the balls back in the cupboard and sat down smiling, ‘I was just helping a friend’.

‘This is incredible. You were changing the balls from the cupboard but how did the juggler on TV manage it? His balls seemed to change color of their own.’ Ted wondered.

‘A demonstration of Bell’s theorem’ Mr J said.

‘This is really queer Mr J’, exclaimed Julian.

‘J.B.S. Haldane a biologist claimed that – The universe may be, not only queerer than we think, but queerer than we can think’, mused Fiona.

‘And what is this Bells theorem, Mr J’, queried Ted.

‘Bell’s math suggests that space and time exists only in our minds; here is there’, Mr J answered with a twinkle in his eye

‘I shall start weeping out-of-frustration, Mr J’, Taru looked quite annoyed.

‘If you wish me to weep, you must mourn first yourself’, said Mr J and walked out looking quite amused.

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Sans magic!

Prompt ~

Image courtesy of gesinek on


“Tell them I came, and no one answered,That I kept my word,” he said.– Walter de la Mare, The Listeners.

Ted and Fiona soon found that Mr J’s magic was not easily classifiable in the different types described in academia of magic. His magic had a mystic quality to it. He never used prestidigitation to manipulate objects such as cards and coins secretly. It was always on a scale that one associated with miracles.

One day Mr J informed him that there was a garage sale next day in a nearby village and all of them would go for it may be a good learning opportunity.

Next day they trekked to the garage sale. It took them half a day. On their own they would have got lost in the woods that separated the village from the castle. Mr J pointed out many a natural wonders, besides unperceived beings like elves, pixies and goblins.

Finally, they reached their destination. The items were displayed but there was no one to welcome them or any other customer.

While Ted and Fiona looked at the items displayed, Mr J closed his eyes as if in prayer. He opened his eyes after a few minutes and there was a very serene expression on his face as if his prayers had been answered.

‘What were you doing Mr J?’ Asked Ted.
‘Calling the owner of all this’.
‘Is he coming?’ Fiona queried.
‘Coz she is dead!’
‘Did you know her, sir?’ Fiona was curious.
‘What did she die off?’ Ted interjected.
‘Everybody dies of Death! Just Death. As soon as one has completed one’s time here.’

Ted and Fiona looked confused.

Mr J smiled and said, ‘I shall tell you an ancient story. There was no death till there was only vegetable kingdom. Death was born when the vegetable spirit evolved to animal spirit and acquired individuality. Death is a phenomenon to which only the observer reacts’

Ted and Fiona contemplated and kept quiet.

Mr J continued, ‘when the death was assigned this task, it was not happy and felt that it would be blamed for the departure of each one; however, the supreme being assured it that such would not happen as each death would have a cause – that would be blamed. Even the death certificate records the cause of death.’

‘So true, we die of injuries, accidents, diseases et al but never of death’. Fiona wondered aloud.

‘I am happy  you chose not to come,’ Mr J mumbled inaudibly.

‘Was the dead woman also a magician, Mr J?’ inquired Fiona.

‘Yes and a very good one’, replied Mr J.

‘Are there any magical object in the sale’, asked Fiona.

‘The magic of a magician follows its master; a dead magician’s wand is just dead wood.’ Mr J explained. ‘No shoes here that may help you fly!’

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He who seeks finds?

Prompt ~


Lyssa Medana


You pays your money and you takes your choice – Punch cartoon


Mr J’s castle was no Hogwarts. In a week – Ted and Fiona had seen the staff come in do their work and go. Yet they had not found any traces of fourth human in the castle. It was a bit eerie.

Finally they enquired about it.

Mr J in his usual roundabout way answered them with a question, ‘what is left behind when a human is cremated?’

‘Ashes,’ said Ted.

‘What are these ashes made of?’

‘Oxides of various elements,’ replied Fiona.

‘So, all the thoughts and information of this human are destroyed – though they are a form of energy and energy cannot be destroyed only transformed’.

Ted and Fiona remained silent. The confusion in their minds mirrored on their faces.

‘Ask the angels to explain – that is why they are here’! Mr J advised.

Ted and Fiona laughed aloud and it was quite apparent that they were debating if it was time to go back.

‘Just give it a TRY, before leaving’, Mr J’s tone was soft and mellifluous.

‘How do we do it’? Ted asked.
‘Simply ask courteously as you would another human being for a favor’, Mr J explained.

Both of them closed their eyes and requested the angels to appear. A few minutes passed and then they realized that an angel was sitting on the right shoulder of Ted as well as Fiona.

‘Who are you and from where have you come?’ each of them asked their angels.

‘Your guardian angels and we have come from the Angels Ward’.

‘Why have we never seen you before?’

‘You never called us’. The angels answered.

‘Why do we have to call you, sir’! Fiona grumbled.

‘This is not – You pays your money and you takes your choice lady. This is about real desire and passion’. The angel on Fiona’s shoulder admonished her.

‘Well friend, please answer Mr J’s query’. Ted pleaded to his angel.

It was Fiona’s angel who answered. ‘The divine part of the human energy, ie all good knowledge and skill goes to the Angels Ward, the demonic part goes to the Demons Ward and the rest of it is dispersed in the cosmos as energy to be transformed or used as it is for all of cosmos’.

The angels vanished.

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Butterflies and illusion?

Prompt ~

Lyssa Medana


I don’t know what it is used for, though I daresay it would take some rubbing to get it out of the carpet – Bill Bryson, Mother Tongue, footnote Chapter 10.

‘The basis all magic lies in the consonant ‘ma’. The Sanskrit word ma means “to measure”. All delusion divides, measures out, the undefined infinite into finite forms and forces. Initial magic is cosmic as it created the illusion of time and space. It was essential to provide a sense of individuality and independence to different objects that the cosmos had conjured. Thus the cosmos is the first illusionist.

All subsequent magicians just created an alternate perspective to the existing illusion. The wonderful feeling one gets when we reach out to pluck that dry leaf from the plant that we have so lovingly nurtured – and see it fly away in form of a butterfly is the original illusion!

Now look here both of you’. Commanded Mr J.

He picked up a pamphlet lying on the table and tore it into small pieces geometrically and then tossed them up in the air. A cluster of butterflies flew around for a minute and then headed for the one open window. ‘I hope you appreciate the difference?’

Fiona and Ted stood mesmerized.

‘Now go out in the garden and pluck out the dry leaves from the plants in the garden till you find the one that is not a leaf’, said Mr J.

Both of them walked out. Their faces reflected the confusion they felt.

Mr J’s eyes twinkled for a moment and if anyone had been there to notice – he would have observed a sparkler burning bright.

Ted and Fiona plucked dry leaves from the plants in the garden and collected them in a basket. None of them flew off. They persevered for two hours and finally picked up the basket of dry leaves and took it inside. ‘No butterflies there, Mr J.’

‘Amazing!’ Mr J took the basket and peered inside, ‘did you look inside this basket?’


‘Come and have a look.’

Ted and Fiona looked in to find it writhing with caterpillars.

‘The end for a caterpillar is the beginning for a butterfly,’ and Mr J overturned the basket on the carpet. A cluster of butterflies rose up leaving behind a gooey mess.

A woman with a doughy face walked in looked at it …….. I don’t know what it is, though I daresay it would take some rubbing to get it out of the carpet.

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What else?

Prompt ~ You should go to a pear tree for pears, not to an elm. Publilius Syrus (~100 BC), Maxims

The party was over. The guests found themselves in their own homes. None remembered the drive back to their world.

Only Mr J, Ted and Fiona sat down for a simple breakfast of toast, butter and tea, on one of the upper terraces. All three ate quietly.

‘What was the purpose of all this hullabaloo?’ Fiona, the Queen of hearts asked Mr J.

‘Mainly to meet you all and see how you tread towards your destiny,’ said Mr J.

‘So, how is it – good, bad or ugly,’ interjected little Ted.

After some minutes of silence, ‘a little of all but the good is far more; and it is as expected’.

Fiona who had been watching the two carefully, asked, ‘there is a deeper motive behind all this?’


‘Will you share it with us’, Ted questioned.

‘I have no other choice.’

There was a longer silence. ‘Since the very beginning, this planet and it’s inhabitants have a streaks of good, bad and the ugly which are knitted together to form the matrix that we live in. Occasionally it has proved to be too strong or too weak for the good of all and had  to be destroyed – so that a new beginning could be made …… ‘ Mr J looked at their face and then continued. ‘During this phase of human development there have been people who took upon themselves to subtly guide the destiny of the people – Isaac Newton, Dr, Mirabilis, St Germain, Francis Bacon and Albert Einstein – just to name a few. These people resolved to know everything there is to know and encouraged the amalgamation of ancient and  new knowledge for the benefit of all.’

‘We know little of such matters,’ Ted said.

‘I selected Ted and initiated him as he traveled to this castle and Fiona is chosen because unlike others she could reach here on her own. You both shall train with me for a year so that you can recognize the next wise one from the charlatans that claim such wisdom. At the end of the year I have been ordered to accompany the current wise one to another dimension,‘ concluded Mr J.

‘Pray also tell us what we shall train for?’ asked Ted and Fiona in unison.

Magic – What else ! You should go to a pear tree for pears, not to an elm.

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