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Finish the story that begins with: “I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured.”

I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured. I was one of the commuters injured when the train crashed.
I just heard a loud bang. The coach flew forward and lost its balance. I fell to the floor and then rolled out of the coach as it took another somersault. There were people were crying screaming and bleeding everywhere.
It was a train robbery with a difference. Two policemen took away RS 15,000 from my pocket.After an eternity, I was rescued by locals and taken to a hospital.
Shocking tales of policemen rummaging through the blood-soaked pockets of passengers for cash as they squirmed in pain inside overturned and twisted train coaches have begun to emerge. The victims are grateful to the locals whose swift response helped save many lives.
The damage caused by the looters pale in comparison to the vultures – especially those sitting in the state headquarters supervising the rescue operation.

Words <150
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When you see color think of us – the jingle played repeatedly.

The CEOs of door and paint-companies, the producer and his team were watching the previews of the ad-film.

They waited for the bikini clad lady to appear and cavort between the three doors; the paint-CEO was getting bad vibes – ‘why only three colors?’

‘Where are our ornamented doors?’ the door-CEO intervened.

‘And what are they doing in an open field,’ both quipped.

‘This is the approved script, sirs.’

‘NO, it doesn’t make any sense’.

Hinges creak. The white door opens.

‘I am opportunity, are you ready?’ A lady in skirt-suit asks.

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