The Sunday Yarn ~ Two Queens

Prompt ~

Statue of Boudicca (Boadicea) in London, UK


She killed everyone she found when she reached Londinium. It is speculated that she ended her life by taking poison.

Her spirit wandered in the land of dead for nearly 1800 years for she refused to be born a commoner or bear injustice silently.

The wounded Rani fought valiantly (with her infant son tied to her back) and managed to get through the British army. However, she got stuck at a drain. Her untrained horse failed her and the numerous British soldiers attacked the lone Rani from all sides.

Rani Jhansi1Rani Jhansi Statue in Ahmedabad.

Boadicea was finally reborn as Queen of Jhansi to fight injustice, ironically with another generation of people from the same Londinium.

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