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© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story that begins with: “Now this is living the life of Riley.”

Now this is living the life of Riley, Greg said to his friend. How is my brother …. Tom the philanderer?

Tom’s rich bride of few months died last week and left him a quarter million in cash besides all her immovable assets.

Greg paled perceptibly. Damn it, it is extremely unfair to me.

Everybody knew Tom and Greg. All respected Greg the hard working elder brother but they enjoyed being with Tom. In spite of the fact that each one of them had been duped by him at one time or other. None approved of him but could not help but like him.

The friend looked at Greg’s face and could not control his laughter. Finally he rolled on the floor clutching his sides unlike the cat on the bed.

Words <150
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