Beating the odds

Prompt –

2015-03-02 - BW Beacham

Finish the story: “When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!“

When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in – just like the naive flea-circus owner (& many of us – who keep trying to overcome the odds at cards, roulette, lotteries, tax, or through discount sales) who was overtaken by bad-luck. His paraphernalia caught fire; and his wife left him.

Down & out, he looked for a dime in his pockets and found a flea. To his great surprise the flea could really jump and it did so when he commanded. Professor (so called) recovered his fortune demonstrating his flea’s great flights.

Seeking  respectability, Professor experimented with the flea. He broke one of its legs and commanded it to jump – it did. Then its second & third legs – poor insect still followed the command. Finally he broke its fourth leg and commanded – the flea just rolled over. Painstakingly he documented his experiment and concluded – if all the legs of a flea is broken it cannot hear.

Words < 150

Mondays Finish the Story


यह क्या बला है, कई बार सुना बोसोन बोसोन

पुरानी बोस्की में शायद मिला दी है नैलोन

मालुम पड़ा की यह खुदा जैसी कोई चीज़ है

मीलों लम्बी गुफा से तुम क्या निकाल लाये !!


किसी ने बताया यह तो बस ज़रा सा ज़र्रा है

पानी के बुदबुदा सा फ़ौरन ही फूट जाता है

और बाकी ज़र्रो को वज़नी बना देता है

इतनी लम्बी लन्तरानी, कहाँ से निकाल लाये !!


नहीं ऐसा ही है सईन्सेदानो ने समझाया

यह न होता तो कायनात में वज़न न होता

और हम सब यूँ ही इधर उधर उड़ते फिरते

वाह हिग और बोस जी, खूब निकाल लाये !!


सुनते थे की ज़र्रा आफताब हो सकता है

यहाँ तो आफताब ही ज़र्रे का मोहताज है

छुपने के लिए भी क्या जगह ढूँढी है

एटम के बदन से गणपति निकाल लाये !!


For my non hindi knowing frnds,,,,,,


The demonstration of Higs Boson ( God Particle) yesterday, and a request by a frnd is the genesis of these few lines. I heard …. boson and thought it was bosky (a type of silk) mixed with nylon. Came to know it is sm thing god like ……. a part of a particle demonstrated in a 27 Km long cave some where near the Swiss- French border.

I was told it lends mass to other particles and like a bubble in water has an extremely short life ,,,,,,,, thought it all to be a gr8 gup. Scientists however said – it was so and the cosmos would be without mass if there was no such particle. Kudos to Higs and Satyen Bose who theoretically discovered it.

A particle can become a sun ,,,,,, but here the very sun is dependent on this particle. What a place YOU have found to hide ,,,,,,, its like getting Ganapati out of an atom.