The little pond – she knew.

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Finish the story begins with: ““Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life.”

Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life at the beach. She knew this piece of sand  better than she knew herself.
She knew the fishing village tucked away some distance from the beach. She knew the fishing boats that lay upside down; she knew the fisherman who did not return. She also knew the fisherman who had left the village and built mansions in the city by going out to the sea at odd times and bringing in strange cargo.
She knew the people who used the beach as an oven to bake their bodies; and of pies they baked here. She also knew the matrons and their children who built sand-castles and the waves that swept them flat.
She knew many other things that she shared with only one man. He was a irregularly regular visitor to the beach.
She knows it because she sells sea shells on the sea shore.

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Most people have heard the tongue twister, “she sells sea shells by the sea shore.” This tongue twister comes from a poem that was written about a real person, Mary Anning. Mary actually did sell sea shells by the sea shore. Even more interesting, Mary ended up doing more than just selling sea shells, she discovered a completely new type of dinosaur. She ended up becoming a successful paleontologist. Not bad for a woman who lived in the 1800s!

Mary Anning  made many discoveries. She discovered several Ichthyosaur skeletons, as well as the very first Plesiosaur. Mary’s achievement, coming out of a life of poverty to become a respected paleontologist, during a time when many women were illiterate, is amazing. Unfortunately, many of her discoveries ended up in museums and personal collections, without her receiving credit for discovering them. Perhaps that was due to her gender and social status. In the late nineteenth century, Terry Sullivan wrote the famous poem that people know of as “she sells sea shells by the sea shore,” memorializing her in verse.

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