The Sunday Yarn ~ Signed first-editions

Prompt ~

A book shop that is no longer there


If a collector could find a complete Gutenberg Bible of 1456, the first book ever printed he could expect to pay anywhere from $25 million to $35 million. Borm (Sr) of ‘Hooked on Books’ at one time sold many first editions and ensured the prosperity of his book shop.
Borm (Jr) was not interested in books and consequently lacked his predecessor’s talents in acquiring first editions. However, he was a sharp fellow and made up for it by illicitly scanning signed first-editions and even manufacturing some of them and selling them online.
Then he offered the oldest, printed book known as the Diamond-Sutra signed by  no less person than Gautam Buddha himself for sale on his site. It led him into a quagmire of intricate internet laws from which he was unable to extricate himself. It also sucked in the old book shop.

Words  < 200


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Thanks Al for the lovely prompt.