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Restore human legs as a means of travel. Pedestrians rely on food for fuel and need no special parking facilities. ~ Lewis Mumford (Author of – The City in History, Technics and Civilization, The Myth of the Machine etc)
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Thank you Ted Strutz. for this week’s prompt.
The conversation was the same in many of the cars waiting to get on.
The old road to city center is always clogged. Why did you not take the new sea link?
Well ……  That is a toll road and it is expensive.
Sometimes, when there’s too much traffic clogging up the road, you need to take a different route and pay for it.
If I pay the toll every day – we shall end up having our meals at Langar (free meals served at Sikh shrines). We already pay taxes for using the roads, cars and even for the gas – where does all that money go?  This is unfair.
Another one said – The traffic-jams are here to stay. Start walking. Sitting in any case is the new smoking.
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PS- I regret this is more a commentary rather than fiction.

Thank you Priceless Joy