The Sunday Yarn ~ Conference

Prompt ~

copyright - Joe Owens 2015


They gathered for a brainstorming meeting below the ‘share an idea’ sign.
The expectation to be creative and deliver amazing ideas weighed heavily upon them. The insecurity of actually sharing their ideas ……….. What if they get rejected? What if people think the ideas are tacky? What if they think I am a fraud?

As regional leaders we have a responsibility to help our brothers. As leaders we have a responsibility to help them. Without creating a sense of security we shall never get them to get out and vote. But how do we create such an atmosphere?

They must feel that their lifestyle has been upgraded – or they shall not vote for us at the coming elections.

The infighting was apparent in their attitudes. There were meetings within the meeting and nobody really concentrated on the problem at hand. They were more interested in the bits of roasted beef tossed at them.

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