Trifecta: Week Seventy Five ~ A door slammed shut.

As I was walking, one hot summer afternoon, through the deserted streets of a provincial town in Italy which was unknown to me, I found myself in a quarter of whose character I could not long remain in doubt. Nothing but painted women were to be seen at the windows of the small houses, and I hastened to leave the narrow street at the next turning. But after having wandered about for a time without enquiring my way, I suddenly found myself back in the same street, where my presence was now beginning to excite attention. I hurried away once more, only to arrive by another detour at the same place yet a third time. Now, however, a feeling overcame me which I can only describe as uncanny, and I was glad enough to find myself back at the piazza I had left a short while before, without any further voyages of discovery.  – Freud in the essay  Uncanny (describing a dream of his).

Freud analyzed his dream and began to suspect that there might be some complicity between his psyche and the cosmos; or the cosmos was manufacturing experiences independently and targeting them at him.

He firmly closed the door on his thought for if he had accepted – what he suspected, his theory of psychosexual development would automatically be proved wrong.

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A Narrow Street

A Narrow Street (Photo credit: A.Davey)


17 thoughts on “Trifecta: Week Seventy Five ~ A door slammed shut.

  1. Freud was a fascinating character. I don’t agree with much of his theories, but interesting reading all the same. It’s funny to think he would’ve ignored new information just so he could be ‘right’ with his original theories.

    • Freud had simplistic solutions for all problems and as such his credibility today is compromised. Yet he tried to objectively explain the day to day motivations of humans ……..

      Thanks for the visit. 🙂

  2. Wow!YS,you sure dipped your quill in an interesting pot of imagination;-)Poor Freud-had to close that door to this dream!lol!Well written!:-)

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