The Bidwell building!

copyright-Renee Heath

Copyright -Renee Heath

The brick structure was built in 1852 for B.J. Bidwell who retailed boots and shoes, bought farm produce, bred short horn cattle, and directed a local bank.

160 years later, Doris Bidwell a descendent, wanted to open an academy of performing arts in the building. However, it was declared a historical site and the city of Tecumseh acquired title to the building.

Doris Bidwellย  protested by performing a ballet at the cornerย  each evening. The West Chicago Boulevard soon became a tourist spot.

The hydrant across the road and the city-fathers were soon fed up with all the pirouetting.

words ~ 99


PS ~ This is FICTION, and Doris is entirely a fictional character. Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SALAAM.

29 thoughts on “The Bidwell building!

  1. Dear YS,

    I truly enjoyed your inventive story. However, I’m not sure that you needed to make reference to the hydrant across the street. My favorite part of this is that you turned the Bidwell Exchange into a school for the performing arts. Nice touch.



  2. You know, I thought that this was non-fiction when I first started to read it! Entertaining fiction short, and a great interpretation! I love the idea of someone protesting in the form of ballet. Much more peaceful than rioting!

  3. Eminent domain strikes again. Goverment taking what isn’t theirs to supposedly save it. I like how you used the photo. Well done.

    Thanks for your visits. I’m attempting to catch up…on my e-mails and comments.

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