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2015-01-26 - BW Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “She was unaware that she was being watched.”

She was unaware that she was being watched though she knew that many eyes on the road were making an anthropometric assessment of her. She took pride in the interest she generated; she had worked hard to achieve this level of fitness.
Her training had also included vigilance skills; and the itch on her throat cautioned her. She looked around and her gaze came to rest on the wolfish eyes watching her. The two set of eyes met and locked, each trying to out-stare the other.
Pack creatures have a whole repertoire of social behaviors. A stare-out often determines – friend, foe or prey.
The watcher was busy staring as the woman attacked him; she scratched his cheeks with razor-sharp, satin-black nails.

Words < 150

Mondays Finish the Story

17 thoughts on “Intimidation

  1. I agree with Phylor. “Satin-black nails” is fantastic word choice and imagery, YS. I had to read this two or three times, which is always a great thing, and then it all clicked for me, in my own particular world-view. I saw a woman out running and a man wolfishly watching her. The textual details back this up (yet leave room for other interpretations, which is brilliant of you). Then, to turn the tables and have her attack him. Wow, that hits home in so many ways. I love what you’ve done with the lovely photo, YS.

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