Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Dewdrops

Prompt ~ Dewdrops

Dewdrops are awaited and celebrated in Lucknow as Numush or Makkhan-malai (butter-cream). It is an amazingly light sweet made in winter months. Essentially it is saffron or cardamom flavored home-made butter hung overnight in muslin cloth under open sky and then fluffed with little sugar.

Water may have the ability to be imprinted with different patterns of information contained in its surroundings or the molecules of substances that it comes in contact with. In fact this may be the rationale behind homeopathy as most of the medicines are greatly diluted and it is not possible to measure the actual constituent by any known methods as of date. Homeopathic medicine may simply be molecular-imprinted water /alcohol mixture.

Ancient philosophers of different cultures and traditions considered dew as the Universal Spirit in condensed form – an alchemical elixir of life. In alchemy the precipitation of the morning dew represents emanations from cosmic mind in to the realm of matter. It is considered as the spiritual forces that work on the conscience during the night.

Divine dew falls from

shaggy head of ancient one

bringing life afresh


14 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Dewdrops

  1. This really is interesting and relevant. You got a lot in a few paragraphs.and I enjoyed reading it very much. Interesting about water though I have my real doubts about homeopathy. There are some who say stones hold information in crystal networks like neurons in a brain also. Well-covered topic about dewdrops, and culturally interesting about the butter.

    • Thank you Pirate.

      Molecular imprinting on some materials is already being done. Waters from rivers, lakes, etc in different regions are attributed with healing or rejuvenating powers – It is now possible to duplicate such waters chemically but they do not possess the same qualities; hence the thought 🙂

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