Jules was right

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PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields
Jeev, a seismologist worked at fracking facilities. His job was to keep an eye over the seismographs. Generally there were small fluctuations.
He was reading a report that said a child born very close to a well is likely to be smaller and less healthy than a child born farther away. He shoved the report aside and proceeded to check the seismographs.  The digital display of the probe on the mountain -top had gone hay-wire.
‘Jules Verne’s stories may be unbelievable but he was right in believing that there are unseen worlds beneath our feet,’ Jeev thought.
Words ~ 97


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


44 thoughts on “Jules was right

  1. You give us so much to ponder in this story. We know too little about fracking not to worry about what may lie underneath. The line about smaller children could be missed, but stood out for me. Stories and reports about health issues will be hidden or discredited in the name of profit.

  2. The real thing wrong with fracking is that it is additio0nal investment in fossil fuels, which cause climate change. That investment should be going into renewable energy, in particular into battery technology to enable us to use minimal fossil fuel back-up generating capacity.
    Sorry! I’m on my soap box!
    Nice story Yarnspinnerr, with a great message.

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