Mersenne-ic prize.

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2014-12-15 - BW Beacham


Finish the story begins with: “They say that life is a game of chess…”

They say that life is a game of chess. The very invention of chess proves it. Sessa – a Brahmin invented the game and presented it to a fun-loving king. He was asked to name his prize and asked for exponentially increasing rice-grains in each square.

To the surprise of the king doubling rice-grains (starting with one rice-grain) on each successive square of the chess-board added up to 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 rice-grains. Obviously the king did not have a mountain of rice bigger than Mount Everest.

But that was not the end  ………..

Unfortunately the king was ashamed that he could not keep his word and requested the Brahmin to relent and wish for a reasonable gift.

The wily Brahmin agreed to accept the rice in installments.

Since then orthodox Hindus in India are giving rice to Brahmins on 11th day of each lunar-cycle.

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PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Sandra Crook

Copyright- Sandra Crook

The nonchalant professor was really angry – today. The slide behind him read ‘LITTERING’. The next slide showed the prompt picture. The scowl on the professor’s face deepened.

‘I found my back-yard littered when I returned after burying my father – I had given free access of it to all my neighbors’. Tears welled up in his eyes.


‘Cats, dogs, monkeys and other animals litter reproductively and non-reproductively. It could be genetic. I intend to find a biotechnological-solution to littering. Those who are interested should submit a 2500 words write-up to my office’.

A few brooded among the loud guffaws.

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Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.


The unexplored unknown

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2014-12-08 - BW Beacham

Finish the story begins with:  “Donning her fins and snorkel, she headed out into the deep water.”

Donning her fins and snorkel, she headed out into the deep water. Soon she was in the unexplored area – amidst the wreckage of several planes and ships.

Beyond the wrecks – the sea-floor was like a desert. It was eerily devoid of any vegetable or animal life.

May be it was nineteenth century and Donald Mackenzie’s plan of flooding El Juf had just been achieved. Anyways this is a desolate place and it is just like him to send me out here – she thought.

She had been apprehensive about exploring beyond the wrecks but he was sure this was the nearest gate to the underworld. The underworld could only be reached through places that had remained untouched by humans since the beginning of time – but where in this large sea-floor desert?

A sand storm engulfed her before she could …………..

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The Sunday Yarn ~ The damsel’s distress

Prompt ~

Dragon incense burner with incense coming from the mouth


The distressed damsel was bored. She had gone through a number of knights. Being a damsel was a monotonous profession that involved long waits. The warlocks were more interesting and she had learned many a tricks from them. She decided to ………..

After a few months ….. She heard the drumming of a horse’s hooves and knew that another one was some miles away. A sardonic smile crossed her lips.

The young and eager knight found the castle moat infested with dragons. A toddler of a dragon snapped at him as he stepped in – he dispatched it to other lands with a straw-arrow. Soon, a fully-grown, fire spewing dragon confronted him – the wizard’s charm and the lancet took care of it. Before he could fully recover, a giant dragon burped and the knight fainted from the stench. He recovered soon and saw it exhaling the famous Bhopal-fumes that were still in the womb of the future. Thinking on his foot …… err back, the knight put a herbal-goo on an arrow and shot it in the dragons backside. The air was soon redolent.

The damsel was truly interested in this one and no longer bored.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

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Chinese medicine

Prompt ~

flowers with Ice-Janet Webb (2)

Copyright-Janet Webb

The not so old lady extended her deformed hand to pick up the Chinese-tablets her nephew had brought for her. She could not hold on to it with the badly twisted fingers and the hydrangea flowers seemed to beckon her from the picture on it.

The medicines prescribed by the doctors had made her sick with nausea, stomach pain and sore tongue. She recovered only after she stopped taking all medicines and it took almost a month.

She decided not to believe all the chang-shan nonsense. She had seen cattle and pets vomit and poo blood after eating hydrangea.

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Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.



Dad’s desire

Prompt -

2014-12-01 - BW Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “In the compound on the hill, lives a man with a dream.”

In the compound on the hill, lives a man with a dream of becoming a great patriarch. He aspired for a large family living in the compound and had built accordingly. He acquired all the surrounding land hoping that his two sons will grow up and farm it one day in future.
Time passed and his sons graduated from the nearby school and as per his wishes opted for higher degrees in agriculture and horticulture at the State University. It would help his sons to farm and become rich so that the patriarchy would continue – he thought.
A decade and a half later ……
The old man’s sons developed lab-farms and produced crops at 10% of the normal inputs.
Unfortunately, it left them with no time to visit their father or fulfill his wishes. However, it did fetch them the Wolf’s Prize in Agriculture.

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