The Sunday Yarn ~ Palpilations!

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56 04 April 20th 2014

I like this prompt, Al. It reminds me of a quote …….

The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the Mystical. It is the sower of all true Science ~Albert Einstein.

Dr Scribe was finally cured. He suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition. He would get severely debilitating palpitations in situations of stress. It worsened to a stage that a seriously ill patient would trigger it. He was not only sick from an apparently non-serious ailment but one that made it impossible for him to carry on with his profession.

His peers had given him the best of their attention. They subjected him to a variety of cumbersome tests and finally referred him to a psychiatrist. The man with the silver tongue probed deep into his psyche and finally referred him to a clinical psychologist. He too could not help him.

Poor Dr Scribe with his great faith on modern medicine was shuttled between different medical specialists. His medical insurance refused to cover nearly two-thirds of the cost he incurred.

To cut a long story short, one of his college friends working on the frontiers of medical research presented him with a framed photograph of Zen- garden and advised him to concentrate on it for 10-15 minutes each day. Surprisingly it helped him.

Dr Scribe’s friend explained, “The picture just helped in balancing the mineral and vegetable contents of your body – and brought about a consonance between the pi (absolute source) with phi (relative aspect).” He refused to elaborate.

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Sunday Photo Fiction

Humanity Saved!

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Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

The FDCA team raided 27b. The whole street waited behind shut doors and peered through the many windows. The adjoining householders kept using their telepathic communicators to get the latest news.

The man in the odd helmet took swabs from different objects and inoculated the strips (that are  used as culture plates in current circa 2050).

A few samples were found positive for rhinoviruses. The lady at 27a who had reported the sneeze was lauded for her vigilance. The Kochs of 27b were declared a threat to the whole nation and quarantined for life.

The country was saved from common-cold.

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FDCA~ Federal disease control Agency.



Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shiny


The three gold-plated statues are Buddha which is around sixty-feet tall, flanked by statues of Guru Padmasambhava and Amitayush  each around 58 feet tall.

The walls and ceilings have richly painted murals depicting gods and demons from Tibetan Buddhist mythology. Dragons twirled up the walls on two sides of the platform. Beautiful gongs duly protected in padlocked chains stand in a corner.

This is also called as the golden temple located in Namdroling Monastery at Bylakuppe, Coorg.


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The Sunday Yarn ~ Happy Ending!

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55 04 April 13th 2014

Last time I passed this way it was lined with stalls selling locally made wine. I bought a few bottles of red and was a little tipsy just from tasting.

The success story of this part has lost its sparkle. Most of the wineries here are on the brink of closure; estimated 5m liters of unsold wine lies stacked up in barrels and winery owners stare at unpaid bank loans they had taken on interest. Even farmers have shunned growing wine grapes and have switched to the sober table grapes business.

There were many suicides and other bad incidences. The opposition took the government to task for thursting viticulture on farmers traditionally growing cotton and coarse grains. The new entrants in to wine-making were poor oenologists and poorer sales men.

The national media acted as a young pup with new bone.

However, the government solved the problem.

It revived an old forsaken proposal of building a dam on the seasonal river that would flood the entire region. The failed farmers would get cash for their lands.

Land developers, industry and all such people would benefit – a perfect solution.


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Sunday Photo Fiction

A bonfire of our differences!

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copyright - DLovering

copyright – DLovering

They collect all sorts of things for the Holi bonfire from each house in the neighborhood. Inside homes, people stock up on colors, food, party drinks and festive foods like gujhiyas.

Holi bonfire is lighted under the decorated canopy. The ritual marks the victory of good over evil. He sings and dances around the fire. Only a few are not intoxicated.

His rival comes with a sugar cane, an ear of new wheat, and a tray of colors. He performs the rituals and then hugs all those present.

At last his rival hugs him and they cast their differences in to the bonfire.

Finally they paint each other red with gulal.

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gujhiya ~ sweet dumplings, gulal~red Holi color


Thanks for the prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. SHALOM.